My name is Emilie and I am a full-time blogger from Bergen, Norway. I love to share my personal style, beauty tips and pictures from my travel adventures. I started blogging while I was studying Computer Science at the University of Oslo. At the end of my studies I got the opportunity to become a beauty blogger for Costume.no and here I am. I feel so grateful for all the experiences that comes with this job and I have to thank my readers for all the support.

I am passionate about beauty products and I love to share my experiences with my readers. My goal is to inspire, educate and make it approachable for everyday life. I hope you enjoy my blog!




  • Hey Emilie,
    I’ve never seen a computer scientist like you! ? I mean, I’m doing a PhD in robotics and in all these years it never happened…
    It’s a pity you stopped doing CS! Being so pretty, working in STEAM and managing a blog at the same time would have being incredibly inspiring for young girls.
    Btw, if you’ll pass by the UK in the future I’ll be in Oxford for the next 2-3 years and would be great meeting you!
    This is my instagram profile, just in case you’re curious. Differently from you I’m not social at all, I’m a passive user ?: https://www.instagram.com/luigicampanaro/

    P.S. If you have pretty friends in STEAM, please, give me a shout!!! I’ll be forever grateful! ?

  • Hei Emilie Ref Costume ..har du noen gang forsøkt Meditasjon?:) Vi er et forlag i Oslo som har et feministisk prosjekt med masser av flotte kvinner inkl Frida Kahlo. Vi lager en App for meditasjon.
    Har du lyst til å høre mer?
    Nils Hovelsrud
    Bygdøy Alle 21
    Mob 97090154

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